In this post you will learn what Inbound Real Estate Marketing is and why real estate businesses need it. You will also find useful tips on how to implement it.

Real Estate Market.

The Internet era radically changed the real estate industry and these statistics show a really dramatic change:

Only 3% of people decide to buy their new home because of a print ad such as a flyer, magazine, newspaper or billboard.

43% of people find their future home by searching the Internet.

33% of people decide to buy their new home thanks to the advice of a real estate agent.

More than 21 million people search for real estate offers on the Internet and the monthly average of searches exceeds 109 thousand.

People not only use real estate portals such as vivanuncios and lamudi to find new homes, but they also use the web to access real estate knowledge previously limited to professionals in the sector, make price comparisons, research on types of credit and even how to decorate their new home.

In short, people are in control of finding and deciding who to buy from thanks to the Internet. Inbound Marketing helps you to be present during the online shopping route of these people so you can generate a large number of qualified leads.

How is Inbound Marketing different from traditional marketing?

Most real estate agents and developers hire advertising space (outbound marketing) in shows, magazines, radio or make flyers to create brand positioning and reach potential customers. However, it is not possible to know for sure if you are really reaching the right audience.

On the other hand, these channels are segmented according to geography, not to the purchase cycle, so they have to wait for people to come to this place to see the advertising.

This is not the case with Inbound Marketing. Potential home buyers now actively begin to search for new homes or real estate agents on the Internet and tend to ignore traditional sales pitches.

As a result, your website, social networks and property listings must be optimized for these searches. In addition, your company needs to offer more to potential buyers than just a chance to buy from you.

Inbound Marketing is essentially about creating content on the Internet to naturally attract people who are interested in buying or renting a house, apartment or office or investing in the land you offer.

This is in direct contrast to traditional methods which, while they may give you good visibility, many of these people who see you are not even interested in what you offer. So even though the reach can be reduced with Inbound Marketing it is guaranteed that the interest will be present.

This level of results requires time and experience. However, once the right strategies are implemented you can be sure you will get the leads and sales you want.

A new home, office or land is a great investment, so buyers will want a longer and more personal relationship with the people who help them buy. This relationship begins with Inbound Real Estate Marketing.

An effective inbound marketing strategy provides benefits for both realtors and developers and for customers, including

1.More potential customers (leads).

When it comes to leads, quality always exceeds quantity. Traditional campaigns can reach thousands of potential customers, but you don’t know how they will respond.

With Inbound Marketing, qualified leads become known when they click on a link to read a blog post, read an email, fill out a contact form, send a message via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp after viewing content that grabs their attention.

2.- Better clarity on the investment.

It has always been almost impossible to know the ROI (Return on Investment) from radio, television and newspaper advertising. In digital channels, you can get an exact measurement of the effectiveness of the marketing strategy.

This information allows you to spend more wisely in each of the subsequent campaigns. It also allows you to better answer questions about ROI and make decisions about where you should invest your marketing budget. Please take a moment to visit Martin Modern Condo for more useful information.