Choosing the right towel to meet your needs is clearly as important as other things that you do in your home to bring your family the safety that they deserve.

Although buying the best towel is largely based on personal preferences, there are specific factors that should be considered as non-negotiable. 

You might be one of the many who does not seem to find the major difference between every single towel that you find in the stores that would best suit your liking. Luckily, we will try to spot the major difference between two of the widely used materials in towel production nowadays. 

Microfiber Towels

Microfiber bath towels are types of towels made out of polymer strands that are manufactured to be purposefully used like fibers and significantly better compared to human hair in various aspects. Unlike hair strands, these manufactured strands of polymer fibers have the capability to retain water, collect soil particles, grime and gunk like a regular towel does. 

Generally, Microfibers are made from nylon and polyester. In contrast to other regular cotton towels you see in stores, microfiber towels have significantly finer strands of fiber. 

Due to their finely woven fabrication, microfibers hold a significant amount of moisture as compared to regular cotton towels despite having a relatively thicker strand of fiber. 

Microfiber bath towels dry up relatively quicker, making them less susceptible to mold, mildew, and bacterial growth.



Bath towels made out of microfibers are known to be super absorbent. Having this absorbing capacity, it is highly applicable to be used in pools and gyms. 


Microfiber towels are highly favored by people living in a particularly colder region where drying off their towels is more than just a task that requires effort and is not as simple as to other places with a sufficient amount of sun and heat. 

With room temperatures, microfiber bath towels can surprisingly dry quicker as compared to other competing variants of bath towels available out there. This towel then enables the user to keep it free of microorganism growth which can pose harm to the ones using the bath towel. 


Require specific care

Towels made out of microfibers require a particular consideration while washing. If you are a person that is not quite particular about doing the laundry, then a microfiber towel may be a challenge for you as these towels require you to pay more attention and exert more effort. 

To begin with, shower linens made out of synthetic fibers may not be applicable for exposure to extreme heat. 

If you wish to really keep your microfiber towels in good shape, following the wash direction is best suggested. 

Kinza Bamboo Towels

Kinza bamboo bath towels are the world’s first spa luxury bath towels that promise first-class comfort while delivering functional features that will leave anyone in awe. 

The company is based in Singapore and is currently catering orders from whoever wants to try the luxurious feel of their premium quality bath towels through their own website. 

Bamboo bath towels from Kinza promise to help you relax and pamper yourself after a very long and tiring day without having to go to the nearest spa in your town.

These towels are 100% made out of Mōsō bamboo fibers which promise to help you deal with bodily toxins and prevent bacterial growth over time. 

These are perfect for skins with high sensitivities and are perfect for environmentally conscious individuals who wish to take part in protecting mother nature. 

Generally, Bamboo towels are made out of bamboo fiber that can be considered one of the softest naturally occurring materials. It can be gentler than any cotton and these towels’ dampness-wicking properties are relatively high. 

Bamboo towels are considered to be relatively more manageable as compared to towels made out of cotton material and are highly sustainable than any other materials. 

If you wish to choose the smartest way to be hygienic in your own washroom, these bamboo towels with antibacterial properties are the best option for you. 

Using bamboo bath towels in hot seasons, bamboo towels are capable of keeping your skin cooler while during cold seasons, it keeps you warm and cozy. 

Similar to how cotton bath towels are made, Bamboo bath towels are woven with bamboo fiber strands and may sometimes be mixed with other materials like spandex or polyester. 

Although there are other bamboo towels available in the market, Kinza bamboo bath towels claim to be way ahead of other brands as they incorporate their state-of-the-art technology into their products. 


Hyper absorption

Kinza bath towels promise its user to feel the 100% Mōsō bamboo experience with the hyper absorption feature that their towels have. Kinza Bamboo towels can absorb seven times their weight in water, making them the top tier of towels in terms of absorbency. 

Eco Friendly

As Kinza Bamboo bath towels are purely made out of 100% Mōsō bamboo, they are then perfect for those individuals who wish to positively impact the environment. Since the bamboo plant is relatively easy to produce, Kinza bath towels can be considered the most sustainable of their kind. 

Softness and durability 

With 100% Mōsō bamboo fiber, Kinza bath towels bring you an out-of-this-world softness with every touch to your skin. However, despite having such features, Kinza bamboo towels still remain as durable as other towels without the same features. This strength is due to the incorporation of the twisted yarn weave. 


Comes with a price

Kinza bamboo towels may come with a very hefty price compared to other regular options available in stores, and for this matter, microfiber towels. However, if you will look into the price of other premium options you might be surprised by the huge difference.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, both microfiber towel and Kinza bamboo towel has an edge of their own. However, if you are looking for that premium quality and functionality with a fraction of the price of all other premium brands of bath towels, then Kinza bath towels are the right choice for you. 

Although Kinza towels can be relatively more expensive compared to a microfiber towel, their benefits clearly outweigh the hesitation of putting much cash into this towel brand. 

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