Today we will know the importance of restaurant decoration.

For a restaurant to be successful, we must think beyond the food. The menu, the letter and the gastronomic experience among others, is important, but it is not the only thing.

For a hospitality business to achieve excellence must control the maximum three key factors: service, product, and atmosphere.

Today we will focus on this last aspect, the atmosphere of the premises. That is, the decoration of the restaurant. There are a number of secret keys that will help us to offer what our customers want, even if they do not know.

Taking care of certain small details will help us to add value to our guests. This translates into competitive advantages for our business.

With a correct decoration in our restaurant, we will be ready to offer total experiences to our clientele.

One of the main keys in the decoration of a restaurant, is to use a strategy of differentiation, which is the reason for your brand.

In this way we will distinguish our food, our service, and especially the appearance of our restaurant. We will do it in a way that is as attractive as possible for our customers.

Drawing attention in a positive way is very important for the best decoration of a restaurant. In a market with so much competition being different helps to promote your brand and have a prominent presence in the hospitality sector.

Every business is a world. In the hospitality industry we find bars, restaurants, cafes, gourmet shops, etc. Each one of a different nature. That is why it is necessary to find the essence of each one to reflect it in the best way in the decoration.

Because in a restaurant that prides itself, the decoration, furniture, tableware design, etc. It must go together with the music setting, the service uniforms and lighting of the premises.

All these elements add up and gradually shape the experience we offer our guests. That’s why we are going to make an effort to give all our spaces and elements the necessary coherence.

Restaurants, especially independent ones, but more and more chains, are focusing on the customer.

It is about generating an experience that makes them feel special.

The decoration of the restaurant should be in accordance with what you want to communicate.

As we have already said in other articles, the logo as well as the decoration are the two main sources of information that the diner will find in a restaurant. We have to get this feel identified.

To do so, we will try to make both the logo and the brand relate directly and coherently with the rest of the elements such as signs, menus, fonts, etc.

The 5 keys to decorating your bar or restaurant

Learn to prioritize

Getting the best decoration for a restaurant is not easy. So we must be clear what are the essential elements for the atmosphere.

The comfortable seats, the striking furniture, lighting that enhances the atmosphere and effective design are the main aspects to care.

The importance of spatial layout

A mistake in the design and decoration of the restaurant can make us lose customers and money every month. If our space planning has left tables too close together, or too close to the kitchen, customers will feel uncomfortable.

To leave the room for an optimal circulation of the service, and to obtain that all the clients have space and privacy is the objective. For this, we will have to decorate thinking about maintaining a good disposition of the space.

Careful with the lighting

Ambient lighting is as important to the decoration of a restaurant as it is in itself. With a bad illumination we can ruin any effort to fix a concrete style in the restaurant.

If our business is focused on a younger and more dynamic public, we will maintain a decoration with clear and bright colors. The lighting will also be very clear.

If, on the other hand, the restaurant is focused on intimate dinners, for example, we will make sure to maintain a more subdued atmosphere. We will achieve this with darker and more serious colors for the walls and furniture.

Try to convey the personality of the restaurant through the decoration

The design of a restaurant must express its essence. It must be in accordance with the type of food it serves, but also with the style of its clientele.

Sustainable wood and other natural elements to represent the slow food movement, which the millennials love so much.

Don’t neglect the acoustics

As with the lighting, the acoustics are part of the atmosphere and decoration of a restaurant. The effects of noise pollution in a hospitality business harm the productivity of the service and the customer experience.

You have to be careful with some of the current trends such as open kitchens, glass and concrete. These decisions, if not properly executed, can create incredible noise in the room.