Food and service are not the only aspects that attract customers to a restaurant, but also its appearance. This factor is equally decisive for your guests to come back, and plays an even more important role when you are about to open a restaurant since it will depend on the first impression whether people come to your place or look for another option.

A good decoration in your restaurant will make your customers feel comfortable and will differentiate you from the competition. And how many times have you not returned to a business because, besides the good food, the place is nice?

The atmosphere of your local not only has to do with putting pictures or vases, but also contemplate the furniture, the color of the walls, lighting and other aspects that help create a pleasant environment for your visitors. Therefore, here are some tips to successfully decorate your food business.

Ideas for the decoration of your restaurant

For the decoration of your restaurant to attract customers, you should always take into account their tastes before yours. Think about the preferences of your target customers so you can get their attention and make them feel comfortable within your business.

For example, you may be a fan of dark colors, but lighter shades always give the feeling of more space in a place, and they also make people feel more relaxed. Also, you may not like plants, but they project freshness and coherence if your business is vegetarian or healthy.

The decoration of your restaurant should be related to the type of food you offer or plan to serve. Keep these ideas in mind:

  • If the menu of your business is of seafood, you can use a color palette that includes blue, white and earth tones, as well as have images of different fish or create a beach atmosphere, with fans on the ceilings, for example.
  • A bohemian style is perfect if you offer a signature cuisine or if your place is in a neighborhood considered hipster or is frequented by young people.
  • If your kitchen is Italian, you can draw on the walls images of gondolas, Roman art or landmarks such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
  • You can also create a good theme for your restaurant based on a decade, film era or music genre. Just make sure the concept is consistent: make sure the food is related to the theme, otherwise your customers will be confused.

While the decoration of your restaurant should not be ahead of your personal tastes, you should think as a customer to ensure that your decisions are correct. Therefore, give yourself a moment to think what you like about the decoration of a food business or what makes you feel uncomfortable.

Choose the right colors

Before thinking about the design of the space, furniture and decorative objects (especially if you are in the process of opening a restaurant), you should think about the colors you are going to use in your establishment.

According to the psychology of colors, they have a reaction in the brain. It is said that the color red, for example, awakens the appetite, hence many fast food chains use it as part of their decoration. Therefore, if your restaurant concept is similar, then you should consider including it.

The color white and the light tones, for example, the cakes, transmit an idea of relaxation and give a sensation of more space to the places, so it is convenient to use them if your place is small.

If you want your customers to eat and enjoy without rushing, then paint the walls with some light shade of blue or green, as these help to create a pleasant and quiet atmosphere in the restaurants.

Do not neglect these aspects

The design and decoration of your restaurant should not only be thought to be attractive, but also to increase the productivity of your staff, that is, neither the furniture nor the decorative objects should interfere with its performance or cause any accident; on the contrary, the speed of the service should be enhanced.

The location of the tables should not interfere with the passage, not only for the comfort of your clients, but also in case the place has to be evacuated. If the concept of your restaurant is fast service, you can leave less space between tables; but if it tends more to luxury, you need to create intimacy for your guests.

Keep in mind that each table should have privacy and not feel invaded by the customers next door. Also, avoid placing seats in areas such as the entrance, in front of the kitchen or bathrooms, as well as next to the stairs. This is uncomfortable for the diners and can be a reason for them not to come back to your business.

With a point of sale software such as Poster, you can create a map of your tables to make your restaurant service more efficient, because in this way the staff can easily assign the orders to each table, thus having control over the entire sales process.

As for the chairs, most customers prefer comfortable pieces rather than trendy designs that are annoying. A good tip is to try out the chairs and sit for a while to check their comfort.

Another aspect that many restaurant owners overlook is the lighting. The light from outside is important to attract customers, since a dark entrance draws little attention and generates doubts, while the interior light should allow easy reading of the letter and observe in detail the dishes. Remember that love is born from sight.

Consider also that, nowadays, customers often share photos of their dishes on social networks, so good lighting improves the quality of the photographs, which can attract the attention of other customers and take them to visit your business.

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